Detroit Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa mug by Aaron Kirby

These are my take on the Detroit Mauna Loa tiki mug.  The Mauna Loa is no longer around, so this is my tribute to this Detroit classic..   Cone 6

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Tiki Bob Hollywood

Tiki Bob Hollywood mug by Aaron Kirby

This is my interpretation of Tiki Bob.  I call him Tiki Bob Hollywood, I hope it’s obvious why…  This was the original sculpt, but I did cast this one and I plan to produce them..   Cone 10.

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Baby Tangs

This one was one of the first tiki designs that got me into tikis…  Still one of my favorites, and I’m so stoked by the way these mugs turned out..  Cone 6

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Big Tangaroa tiki mug

This one turned out to be one of my favorite Tangaroa tiki mug designs.  I plan to resculpt this to add a lid, then cast it!…    Cone 6

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Christmas tiki mug

This tangaroa design was a Christmas tiki mug that I slip cast from my original sculpt.  I dig the minimalist design on this.  Cone 6

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