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Salt Freak

Salt Freak was something I put together for a charity project.  The client emailed me to request that I do a piece for the project, I agreed and sent him back this….  Turns out he didn’t use it…  Whadaya gonna do, I like it!.   Pencil drawing, digital ink.  

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Bing Crosby’s White Christmas

White Christmas album cover by Aaron Kirby

My version of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas …  You’ll probably notice I love to do Christmas illustrations…  Pencil drawing, Photoshop & Painter.

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Handmade Tiki Mugs

Here’s a lineup of some of my favorite designs…  These handmade tiki mugs are all originally water based sculpts then some were slip cast.  Mold making is not fun, but I do love slip casting…  Cone 8 glazes.

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Autumn’s Impala illustration

This is an impala illustration I did for a friend, hoping to give her some inspiration to paint her cool impala..  Gouache on board.

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Hot Rod sketch

Model A sketch by Aaron Kirby

A Hot Rod sketch from my sketchbook.  I prefer drawing model A’s over 32’s, I guess I like the visors  (and the price :D)…  Colorerase

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Pin-up illustration

picnic pin-up illustration by Aaron Kirby

catalog illustration for a client.. Photoshop and painter.

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Wahine illustration in blue

This wahine illustration was used in a catalog for a client..  For this project I was able to combine 2 of my favorite subjects, Tiki and Pin Up’s… Photoshop and painter.

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Atomic Debut!

This is my first blog post.  I feel like I should say something real clever, but it’s late and I’m drawing a blank….  I just hope my work will speak for itself and from time to time I’ll just be chiming in…lol

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